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Eco-Friendly Practice

Niles Family Dentistry has a passion for the environment here in Colorado, and is committed to preserving that beauty by becoming as Eco Friendly as possible. Dr. Niles is a member of the Eco Dentistry Association and is working on her certification. She supports a wellness lifestyle for herself and her patients and as such each step of the practice is being scrutinized for ways to make it more eco friendly. Green Dentistry consists of Four areas that are looked at within the Dental Practice:

  • Recycled or reused much of the existing building during construction
  • Paint, Carpet, and other Products (including Beetle Kill wood ) used during construction are environmentally friendly
  • Infection control methods including disposable barriers and sterilization items and toxic disinfectant. In the eco-friendly practice
    • Steam sterilization replaces chemical-based sterilization
    • Toxic cold-sterilization methods are eliminated
    • Reusable Sterilization Pouches, Patient Bibs and other barriers
    • Eco-friendly disinfectants maintain a hospital-grade environment in the operatory.
  • Placement and removal of mercury-containing dental material, Niles Family Dentistry is a Mercury Free Practice
  • Conventional x-ray systems – We only use digital x-rays which means that there are no chemicals used to develop conventional x-rays, and less radiation used in general
  • Recycle Waste

  • Conventional vacuum systems
  • A Dry Vac System is being used at Niles Family Dentistry (uses no water) which saves approximately 360 galloons of water a day that is used by a wet ring vacuum which is used in most dental practices.
  • Lighting – Use of compact Florescent lights through out the practice Energy Star Appliances – Uniforms and laundry done in house
  • In office water distiller

  • Electronic Patient Records try to keep the office as paperless as possible
  • Digital X-rays
  • LED lights in the operator which use 50% less energy than conventional operatory lights

  • Dr. Ashley rides her bike to work most days
  • Discount for those who ride their bikes to their appointments – Bike rack in front of office
  • Supports and encourages others to support local business, within walking distance