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For New Patients:

Dr. Niles and her staff will do their best to make dental care an easy, relaxed process and they will listen carefully to your concerns while thoroughly assessing you dental health. Long term goals extend to building a relationship with you that lasts for years by recommending and delivering only the care you need. Dr. Niles wants to clearly inform and educate you about your needs, then work with you to create the ideal treatment plan for your dental care.

On your first visit Dr. Niles will be looking at all hard an soft surfaces in your mouth. She will be doing an oral cancer screening, taking X. rays, checking for periodontal disease and decay. She will also be evaluating your bite, and most importantly addressing any concerns you have regarding your mouth and teeth.

Dr. Niles and the staff will then build a treatment plan with you, that will bring your mouth and teeth back to optimum health while at the same time considering your immediate and long term goals. Dr. Niles and the staff believe in treating patients just as they would their own family.

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